At Adelino, we have combined R&D with technology and ancestral knowledge to create beauty and health products which will significantly improve your skin. Adelino is life, it is the essence of human being, it is your skin. It is our soul.

We are also a family business with simple, but solid, values.

We are demanding – We promise only what is achievable!

We are persistent with our dreams – We believe that with dedication and effort the sky is really the limit.

We are passionate for individual liberty – We inform you truthfully ‘the best’ for ones conscience and well-being!

We are the planet where we live. Earth is our common “backyard” and we must keep it in tune, protecting it … intransigently!

It was with these values that Dr. Adelino, a specialist in tropical medicine, became the faithful custodian of an ancestral formula: a well-kept Secret which, with its powerful effects, is surprisingly considered “magical” for the treatment of damaged skin, pain and its regeneration.

And it is with this legacy that, after years of R&D it has allowed us to understand and develop the formula, we present to you a powerful skin cream. A well-kept secret is now revealed. Discover it!