Every time I think about “my” Adelino, I remember with nostalgia the time it was made by my mother’s hands, in the stove of our family’s home. Three words regularly come to my mind: hope, altruism and joy.

Hope: from those that, while suffering from a burn, eagerly rushed to my parent’s house in despair. They brought with them hope in relief; hope in something magical, that would free them from pain, fear and uncertainty concerning the condition of their skin.

Altruism: because my parents were used to give. They gave without wanting something in return, they simply gave. They not only gave the balm, but also gave rest to pain and fear. They, in fact, gave voice to peace. They gave the “magical” balm in small bottles full of hope and faith. They gave because they truly enjoyed giving, that’s all.

And then, joy and peace would finally come. I was easily able to notice the peace in the eyes of those that would try to offer roosters, chickens, rabbits, vegetables and everything our nature provides us, in a way that only country people know how to appreciate. Offerings that my parents gently refused, due to the poor conditions and hunger that many dealt with. Therefore, these were attempted offerings, as a way of saying “thank you” and expressing the joy and gratitude for that “beautiful” scar and excellent result. It was all such a genuine Portuguese way of giving.

I take this all as an example. Nowadays, Adelino is a business indeed, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s about giving hope, joy and happiness and about helping others. It’s a way of establishing harmony with the world and the people, just because it’s great to share, to give!


Paulo Marques

Entrepreneur and adventurer