As years pass by, every part of our body, such as our skin, tend to suffer some changes. When it comes to elderly people, it’s essential to be extra careful. The aging of the skin is a totally natural process, which leads to dehydration and to the loss of elasticity and oiliness. The aging of our dermis (the layer of skin that lies beneath the epidermis and above the subcutaneous layer) causes the skin to be a lot more fragile and thin and, therefore, more vulnerable to wounds, diseases or infections.

Fortunately, there are ways to slow down this process and to contribute to a healthier aging of the skin. There is certain daily care that can make a difference when it comes to the preservation of the skin and to a slower aging process.

Some tips:

a) Warm baths (not to hot, because hot temperatures turn the skin of the elderlies a lot more dry).

b) Daily use of a moisturizer after a bath. At that time, skin pores are wide open and, besides that, water steam helps the balm penetrate the skin more efficiently (it’s also during the bath that the hydrolipidic mantle is partially removed with the soap). Hydration is absolutely necessary in order to keep water on our skin, which prevents peeling and itching. The more natural the hydration balm is, the better it is.

c) Intake of ingredients rich in antioxidants. These type of foods fiercely fight against the molecules responsible for the early aging of the skin and the cell death.

d) Protection from the sun. The sun is truly essential to our lives (due to the production of vitamin D on our skin). However, it also contributes to the aging of the skin and it can be really aggressive if we’re not careful enough. Always wear sunscreen and a quality balm after sun exposure, even if you don’t have any burns due to that exposure for a long period of time.

e) Water intake. It’s a fundamental habit that keeps our body healthy, specially our skin. As we get older, we tend to be less thirsty, therefore it’s essential to create a routine and to drink, at least, two liters of water per day, even if that takes an extra effort.

f) Taking care of the lips. Our lips suffer a lot from aging. When the weather is dry or even too cold, take care of your lips by applying hydration balms, in order to prevent cracks.


Finally, we want to inform you that our balm Adelino, of natural and ancestral origin, was studied and developed to help preserve and recover the skin. It’s useful, not only to help preserve, but also to help recover the skin. In case of diaper rash in elderlies, it should always be used when changing diapers and after a bath, creating a protective layer on the skin. It should also be used regularly on dry skin areas or areas that suffer some friction, for example, when someone stays in the same position (laid down or seated) for a long period of time.

Let’s take care of those who took care of us during our lives.

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