Dr. Adelino Marques da Silva was a portuguese physician whose scientific knowledge, experience and humanitarianism conferred him enormous respect alongside medical professionals and made him a wiseman and a friend to the people. Medicine, especially the authority that was bestowed upon him in tropical medicine, took him to live in Africa in the middle of the 20th century, where he remained for two decades with his family, wife and children.

Quickly integrated into local culture, the family was deeply connected to the local environment and local people, living in perfect harmony with nature, magnificent, and in mutual help with the population. They were regarded as part of an extended family and because of that, the locals decided to share with Dr. Adelino and his family one of their great secrets, an ancient story about the recipe of a lotion meant to treat burns, to which they called “magical lotion of the skin”.

If at the beginning Dr. Adelino had many doubts about the efficacy of the cream, due to the evident lack of scientific basis, soon he could witness on his own the exceptional results that it had in the treatment of severe burns and rashes of the skin. It was with admiration and some sort of amazement that he verified the delivery of fast pain relief, fast healing and excellent regeneration of the skin by the magical cream. Doubts were dissipated and made room for immediate acceptance. As a man of science, he was astonished to see a “traditional” product providing results that no other product had offered until then.

In the midst of the 70’s, before the doctor’s definite return to Portugal with his family, the local population decided to thank him for the immense friendship between them and gifted him with the formula of the “magical lotion of the skin” so he could share it with the world.

Proudly, Dr. Adelino accepted this legacy, as he knew well its history and its cultural importance.


In Portugal, Dr. Adelino returned to exerting medicine in portuguese hospitals, where he got nurses and other medics to know of the healing power of the cream. Mrs. Conceição, his wife, scholar of the medical properties of plants, took over the making of the lotion in the family’s household, producing it exactly according to the ancestral tradition. For that, she looked for ingredients of the best quality, grown by tradicional cultivation practices, because she knew that they made all the difference in the final quality of the product. The more natural and pure the ingredients were, the better the results yielded on the skin.

Mrs. Conceição started offering the cream in small recipients, full of hope, to family and friends, as a way to protect them and help with some eventuality.
In a short period of time, due to all the wonders that started to be said about the cream, all neighbours wanted to know the product, and soon, people were coming to the family’s house from all places, near and far, on a daily basis, searching for the marvellous lotion. In order to satisfy such growing demand, the production of the cream quickly became an important part of Mrs. Conceição and her sons. This production became a job. Ultimately, a growing community of enthusiasts and users of the cream came to be, an extended family that is bonded and related until the current day.


In 2015 one of the sons of the family decided to investigate the recipe of the “magical lotion” to understand what led to such good results. Due to this initiative, between 2015 and 2020, in cooperation with university and pharmaceutical laboratories, the formula was studied, understood and optimized.
Every single characteristic, effect, texture and scent were studied and after a long process of investigation and development, the cream gave birth to a new optimized product. Its name, ADELINO, a natural balm that unites a man, a family, a story, an ancestral know-how and the latest scientific

Producing it on a scale was a major challenge, but us, the new generation, also created something new, incrementing value, security and quality. The key steps of production are carried, as always, by hand, hands of knowledge and experience, used to tend and manipulate natural ingredients of the highest quality. They are our assurance, our authenticity and our quality.

Adelino is, by all of this, a unique balm, with a unique soul in communion with men and nature.

Enjoy it!